Spartan Toyota - Poor customer service

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I purchased my 2005 scion tc release series about 2 years ago the one thing I noticed about the car that I wanted fixed was the fact that it pulled to the rite, the people at spartan toyota told me it was because the car was lowerd and or because of the slant in the road.After only a year my rite front tire went bald, evry time I took it in to spartan toyota there was no metion that I needed rotation in fact they said the tires were fine .

Finally I took my car into discount tire for new tires I needed them bad, the rite front was bald and the rear tires were chatterd .

They informed me that the tires should be rotated at every oil change free of charge do to the fact the car was lowerd .*** poor service from spartan toyota and on to of that my engine check lite was on but they wanted 90 dollars to diagnose it , I have no complaints about the car but spartan toyota sucks *** " buyer beware ".

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Spartan Toyota - Used car sale

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So I bought a 2006 scion tc from spartan toyota with 4000 done, told them it was pulling to the right they told me it was the road and that's just the way the car handled then also everytime I brought it in for an oil change they said the tires were fine but opon purchaceing new tires because the right front was bald discount tire of travers city informed me that due to the fact my car is factory lowerd the tires should be rotated at every oil change in which dicount tire dose at no cost due to the fact I purchased my tires from them. Further more my check engine light is on and spartan toyota won't check to see what the problem is unless I pay them a 90 dollar diagnotics test and I had wanted to trade the car in for a truck due to the fact my work truck bit the dust and spartan toyota would not work with me one little bit . I am very dissapointed in there service and they way they have treated me, I wouldn't recomend buying anything from that dealer ship .

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